Aims & Objectives

How we achieve our objectives:

By acknowledging and implementing Principles for Early Years Education' which will provide many of the elements of good practice needed to meet the needs of all children in the setting.

Identifying, booking and attending regular training courses to keep staff up-to-date with current initiatives and new ideas

Understanding the United Nation Convention on the Rights of a Child and its' importance to Bright Stars through reviewing and monitoring performance of staff.
By staff being aware of the importance of teamwork and the need to treat each other with respect and consideration, through training and role modelling.

By working alongside parents, to ensure that the needs of their children are being met

By understanding and implementing the policies and procedures at Bright Stars, through monitoring, evaluation and assessment of working practices and time management, and reflective practice by the Nursery Manager for the strategic development of the Nursery.

By providing a handbook for staff and for parents and addressing all areas that will be helpful and useful to both parties in their roles. 

By offering appropriate play facilities.

Ensuring the rights of the parents to take responsibility for and become involved in the activities that are being implemented.

Promoting and endorsing an ethos of equal opportunities for all within the Nursery community.

Promoting the role and the importance of play. The children's innate need to engage in play, but more importantly their right to play. 

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